What is periodontics?
Missing Some Teeth

Missing Some Teeth

Periodontal (gum) problems affect 90% of the adult population of the UK. Most of these problems are minor and can be fixed by your dentist or hygienist. However, for more serious problems, your dentist or hygienist needs to refer you for a further opinion or treatment.

Gum disease is a major cause of early tooth loss, and prevention is essential. This involves screening to detect patients at risk of developing periodontal disease, and the removal of risk factors, through oral hygiene and tooth brushing instructions, regular cleaning of the teeth with scaling and polishing, as well as advice on stopping smoking.

How can a Periodontist help me?

Periodontists treat more difficult or complex cases; for example those patients with a complicated history, or those with severe gum disease. Treatments that can be offered include:

  • Root surface debridement (RSD) or root planning, which involves cleaning the infected surface of the root
  • Gum plastic surgery, which is carried out for severe gum disease that cannot be cured by scaling, root planning or antibiotics; the diseased gum is removed and reshaped to eliminate the deep pockets between the teeth and gums so that the area will be easier to keep clean
  • Gingivoplasty, which is another type of gum plastic surgery that reshapes healthy gum tissue in order to improve the appearance of the smile

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