What is orthodontics?
Missing Some Teeth

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specialises in straightening teeth. It gently and gradually moves the teeth to improve the way they look and function. There are now a variety of brace systems that are virtually invisible, and they are accessible at our practice and affordable to all with our individually tailored payment schemes.

Benefits of orthodontics include:
  • Reducing the prominence of the front teeth
  • Reducing the likelihood of permanent damage to the teeth from trauma
  • Reducing a deep overbite that can cause damage to the teeth’s supporting tissues or the teeth themselves
  • Correcting crossbites (where teeth bite back to front and eliminate unwanted jaw movements)
  • Helping you teeth fit together better and thereby improving dental function
  • Helping to improve confidence and well-being
How can orthodontics help adults?

A beautiful smile is an automatic boost to your self-confidence.

As an adult, wearing braces is no longer something to be concerned about.

If there’s an aspect of your dental appearance that bothers you, orthodontic treatment can allow you to correct that to achieve a great smile.

For further information or to book a consultation with our orthodontist:

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