Missing Some Teeth
What are dentures?

Dentures provide the flexibility of both intermediate and long-term solutions. They are false teeth that are used to replace multiple lost teeth.

Regain confidence and comfort

Giving back the confidence to eat and speak without worrying about a loose denture can have a profound impact on confidence and comfort. There is a range of implant solutions to suit each individual and budget.

Different Types of Denture
  • Acrylic on cobalt chromium base

Chromium base dentures rely more on clasps, rather than suction, to stay in place and are far less bulky. However, they do require a certain amount of healthy teeth to clip on to.

  • Acrylic dentures

Beneficial in a wider range of circumstances, and can also be held in place by clasps if necessary. The downside is that they are bulkier and often need to cover a larger surface area of the mouth.

  • Dentures supported by implants

Once dentures lose their grip they cause difficulties to many people. If the supporting tissues change, the denture is not held well and this can interfere with everyday life, especially with eating and speaking. The solution is to use implants to support the denture.

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