Children’s Dental Health

Image of girl smiling with healthy teeth
Prevention is the best treatment
Missing Some Teeth

All children should have regular visits to the dentist to ensure a healthy start in life. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent decay, which leads to fillings and loss of teeth.

Also, crowding, which requires orthodontic treatment, can be corrected more easily and quickly in the young.

Children’s Dental Club

Children’s Club days are designed with your children in mind. We have set aside days to coincide with holidays and half-term periods for your convenience and aim to encourage a more positive attitude for young patients. Come and see the surgery transformed!

Children’s Dental Education Sessions

Within the Children’s Club, your child has the opportunity to enjoy learning about dental health the fun way. Sessions can be easily arranged by parents and school personnel.

Free Dental Check-Ups

We are also pleased to add that children’s check-ups are free of charge up to the age of 16 and any necessary treatments are charged at a reduced rate, as long as the parents or guardians are our regular patients.*

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