Missing Some Teeth
Tooth-coloured filling materials

Metal fillings are no longer needed in most cases, as modern filling materials have been developed to provide you with strong reliable, natural looking results.

Fillings can be tailored to get the best results for each patient

We will formulate a bespoke treatment plan for you and use a combination of these materials to create the most aesthetic solution:

Quartz composite

Unlike other fillings there is no need to wait for the material to set. It is bonded in, so less tooth material is destroyed in the process of placing the filling.

Laboratory manufactured quartz composite

Harder and stronger than conventional quartz composite, these fillings require two visits, one for preparation and impression and another for cementation.


Porcelain is the most aesthetic and tooth-like filling material available. Sculptured in a laboratory from an impression, it can be used solely for replacing large fillings and veneer facings for teeth. When fused with metal or compressed porcelain, it can also be used to make aesthetic crowns.

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