Restore your smile

When was the last time you smiled properly? Is your grin less than glowing? Missing teeth can cause many people to become self-conscious of their smile.

dental-implants-in-BasingstokeOf course, not being able to flash a smile is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems associated with missing teeth.Problems include not being able to eat properly, speak clearly or can even cause a sunken look to your face.These problems affect your everyday life. Maybe it is time to change things. In Basingstoke, dental implants could be a choice that will change your life forever.

Dental implants

Glenhome Dental provides several options for excellent quality dental implants in Basingstoke, including the pioneering All-on-4 technique, which uses four dental implants in the upper and lower jaw to secure permanent, natural looking, replacement teeth.We are able to create a strong, artificial root using tiny metal screws, and then attach replacement teeth to these new roots, creating teeth that are barely distinguishable from natural healthy teeth.

You’ll need a dentist you can trust…

Here at Glenholme Dental, we make sure that we provide a bespoke service, tailored to the needs of every individual patient.You are a person, not just a tooth. We will keep you fully informed at every step of the way

Our hand-picked staff are of the highest calibre, dedicated to providing excellent dental care to every one of our patients.We always aim not just to meet expectations, but to exceed them.

Our clinic is a haven of comfort and relaxation.There is plenty of space to get comfortable whilst you wait for treatment or in between treatments – we even have a massage chair in the waiting room for patient use!Located on a quiet street, just five minutes from the centre of Basingstoke, easily accessible by public transport.

Award winning dentistry

We are very proud winners of several awards in the past five years. The Private Dentistry award for Best New Practice, the Dentistry award (for two of our dentists), Practice Manager of the Year (South), Customer Service Award, and several Smile Awards (a patient-nominated award).

If you would like further information on dental implants in Basingstoke, contact Glenholme Dental


Can you tell me about how dental implants could benefit me?

We are here to help you at Glenholme Dental Centre in Basingstoke. Dental implants are a popular choice amongst many of our patients who have lost a tooth. If you are missing a tooth, or perhaps teeth, then have you considered looking into an implant? The benefit of having a dental implant in Basingstoke, is that you can return back to having a top quality life by this time next year. For some, missing teeth equals a loss in confidence. Not with dental implants as an option! They allow you to flash your pearly white smile around the town again. Also, you will be able to eat whatever foods you want around Basingstoke. Dental implants are now an affordable option to those who perhaps only thought a full, healthy smile was for those on the television.

dental-implants-in-basingstokeWhat exactly is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium metal screw, placed down into the gum instead of a root. On top of this a bionic tooth is then fixed in place permanently. This allows for strength as you bite into your favourite type of apple again. The tooth is natural-looking and blends in well to your other teeth, so it will go unnoticed the next time you take that selfie! Dental implants in Basingstoke are a good choice as they can integrate happily within eight weeks, at which point we will then put the tooth into place. If looked after like you would your real teeth, then a dental implant will last as long. We here at Glenholme Dental Centre will talk you through the full range of aftercare for your treatment.

We offer you great service

We here at Glenholme Dental Centre, in Basingstoke, can offer you great service. We have several awards that we have won for our passion and endeavours. In 2011, we were awarded the best new practice award and ever since we have been fortunate enough to continue collecting more awards. We could not do this without the courage of all our happy patients.

If you need to join a dentist, please give us a call on 01256 465130, or drop into our surgery in our opening times. We are always happy to welcome new patients through our doors.

Missing teeth

Many of us have teeth that are missing for one reason or another. We all lose our baby teeth, usually between the ages of six and twelve, but Dental Care Matters, says the most common causes of adult tooth loss include: tooth decay, gum disease, tooth trauma, and teeth that may not have grown in the first place, such as wisdom teeth. Not all teeth need replacing, but if not replaced, some missing teeth may cause problems with the jaws not being able to ‘bite’ together, which affects chewing and may cause jaw pain. In addition, a missing tooth can greatly affect the way you look; your cheeks could be drawn in to your face due to the lack of bone and tooth to support them, and/or you could have large gaps in your smile which will often affect confidence. Dentures have been a popular solution to replace missing teeth for a number of years, however , for some people they’re not the best option; they may not fit correctly which can cause slipping and discomfort, they aren’t fixed in place so on occasion have been known to come out when eating or talking, and they sometimes don’t look as natural as some people would like.

dental-implants-in-BasingstokeFill that gap with dental implants in Basingstoke

Do you have a missing tooth? does it affect the way you eat? is it noticeable at the front of your mouth? Or is it affecting the way your face looks, causing your cheeks to sink in? All of these issues could be resolved with dental implants in Basingstoke. Basingstoke dental implants are the modern way to replace a missing tooth. They’re comfortable, they help to preserve bone, they are hardwearing and could last forever (if looked after properly) and they could aid you in gaining back that confident smile. Glenholme Dental Centre say that their Basingstoke dental implants are made from titanium (a very strong metal).The titanium is screwed into the jaw and allowed to heal (usually for 6 to 8 weeks), a crown is added and a highly functioning bionic natural looking tooth is formed. What are you waiting for? Contact Glenholme Dental Centre to discuss your options for dental implants in Basingstoke.

Protect teeth when participating in contact sports

dental-implants-basingstokeWe all know that people who participate in contact sports such as: rugby, boxing, ice hockey and martial arts have a potential risk of tooth damage or loss due to the physical aspects of these sports. Because of the dangers involved, Colgate oral health centre say that it’s imperative for anyone taking part in a contact sport to wear a mouth guard. According to Oral answers, the following six conditions can be prevented when wearing a mouth guard: tooth fractures, tooth displacement, concussion (possibly), jaw fractures, soft tissue injuries, and tooth loss due to the tooth being knocked out. This kind of tooth damage or loss may require future oral procedures, such as dental implants. Basingstoke dental practice Glenholme Dental Centre strongly encourages the use of mouth guards during contact sports, however if the worse should happen and tooth damage has occurred, they are available to offer treatment to repair the damage, or provide options when a tooth is lost.

What if a tooth has been knocked out?

Glenholme Dental Centre offers different treatments in incidents involving knocked-out teeth, to its patients in Basingstoke. Dental implants are one of these options and can be used in place of missing teeth; they are made from titanium, which joins with the jawbone, and are topped with crowns to form fully functioning teeth.

Can you still participate in contact sports if you have dental implants?

The simple answer is yes. Mark Zive, DMD says that dental implants are perfectly safe during contact sports, as long as you follow the same precautions as you would with your natural teeth. In other words, wear a mouth guard! Glenholme Dental Centre outlines that implants are a significant investment and cost between £2,000 and £3,000 per implant (much more affordable than in previous years when prices averaged £50,000 for a total restoration) at their practice in Basingstoke. Dental implants should last a lifetime if cared for correctly, however using a mouth guard when participating in contact sports could significantly reduce the chance of your teeth being knocked out, therefore reducing the chance that you will ever need an implant.

Special Black Friday offer on Invisalign

When most people hear of Black Friday they generally think of amazing offers from big retailers such as Argos, John Lewis, and more. No doubt there will be some fantastic Black Friday offers here in Basingstoke, so a trip to Festival Place may well be on the agenda!


Black Friday Invisalign special offer

This year at Glenholme we’re pleased to be offering our own Black Friday special, with the opportunity to save up to £500 on Invisalign. The offer is only for this Friday 27th November so please get in touch with us here for more details.

Black Friday offer on Invisalign in Basingstoke from Glenholme Dental

What is Invisalign?

For more than a decade Invisalign has been helping to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth. The system uses a series of practically invisible and removeable aligners that are custom-made just for you. Here’s a short 4 minute video that explains Invisalign in a little more detail.


Is Invisalign for you?

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth and you’ve been thinking about having them straightened then Invisalign could be perfect for you. Unlike traditional braces they are clear and can be removed when eating and cleaning your teeth. They offer a practical alternative.

Glenholme is part of the MiSmile network, the largest provider if Invisalign here in the UK. If you’re interested then please do contact us today to take advantage of our special Black Friday offer. Simply call 01256 465130 and our friendly team will help you.