Can you tell me about how dental implants could benefit me?

We are here to help you at Glenholme Dental Centre in Basingstoke. Dental implants are a popular choice amongst many of our patients who have lost a tooth. If you are missing a tooth, or perhaps teeth, then have you considered looking into an implant? The benefit of having a dental implant in Basingstoke, is that you can return back to having a top quality life by this time next year. For some, missing teeth equals a loss in confidence. Not with dental implants as an option! They allow you to flash your pearly white smile around the town again. Also, you will be able to eat whatever foods you want around Basingstoke. Dental implants are now an affordable option to those who perhaps only thought a full, healthy smile was for those on the television.

dental-implants-in-basingstokeWhat exactly is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium metal screw, placed down into the gum instead of a root. On top of this a bionic tooth is then fixed in place permanently. This allows for strength as you bite into your favourite type of apple again. The tooth is natural-looking and blends in well to your other teeth, so it will go unnoticed the next time you take that selfie! Dental implants in Basingstoke are a good choice as they can integrate happily within eight weeks, at which point we will then put the tooth into place. If looked after like you would your real teeth, then a dental implant will last as long. We here at Glenholme Dental Centre will talk you through the full range of aftercare for your treatment.

We offer you great service

We here at Glenholme Dental Centre, in Basingstoke, can offer you great service. We have several awards that we have won for our passion and endeavours. In 2011, we were awarded the best new practice award and ever since we have been fortunate enough to continue collecting more awards. We could not do this without the courage of all our happy patients.

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