Missing teeth

Many of us have teeth that are missing for one reason or another. We all lose our baby teeth, usually between the ages of six and twelve, but Dental Care Matters, says the most common causes of adult tooth loss include: tooth decay, gum disease, tooth trauma, and teeth that may not have grown in the first place, such as wisdom teeth. Not all teeth need replacing, but if not replaced, some missing teeth may cause problems with the jaws not being able to ‘bite’ together, which affects chewing and may cause jaw pain. In addition, a missing tooth can greatly affect the way you look; your cheeks could be drawn in to your face due to the lack of bone and tooth to support them, and/or you could have large gaps in your smile which will often affect confidence. Dentures have been a popular solution to replace missing teeth for a number of years, however , for some people they’re not the best option; they may not fit correctly which can cause slipping and discomfort, they aren’t fixed in place so on occasion have been known to come out when eating or talking, and they sometimes don’t look as natural as some people would like.

dental-implants-in-BasingstokeFill that gap with dental implants in Basingstoke

Do you have a missing tooth? does it affect the way you eat? is it noticeable at the front of your mouth? Or is it affecting the way your face looks, causing your cheeks to sink in? All of these issues could be resolved with dental implants in Basingstoke. Basingstoke dental implants are the modern way to replace a missing tooth. They’re comfortable, they help to preserve bone, they are hardwearing and could last forever (if looked after properly) and they could aid you in gaining back that confident smile. Glenholme Dental Centre say that their Basingstoke dental implants are made from titanium (a very strong metal).The titanium is screwed into the jaw and allowed to heal (usually for 6 to 8 weeks), a crown is added and a highly functioning bionic natural looking tooth is formed. What are you waiting for? Contact Glenholme Dental Centre to discuss your options for dental implants in Basingstoke.