No more gaps

A smile is the first thing we notice when meeting a new person. It can make or break a first impression and influence our relationships both personal and professional. Dental implants in Basingstoke, can be beneficial not just for cosmetic reasons, but for our social well being too. Our teeth and smiles are the second most attractive feature in both men and woman. Personality is the only thing that beats this, proving our smile is the most aesthetically pleasing feature of our entire bodies.

No longer do you have to accept missing, chipped or broken teeth. Dental implants in Basingstoke provide a safe and reliable alternative to a smile that has lost its confidence and gleam.

Dental Implants in BasingstokeA huge 74% of adults have had to have one or more teeth removed in their lifetimes. This provides the information needed to understand why dental implants are becoming ever more popular, as well as affordable.

Increasingly, studies have found our oral health is becoming a major indication of other health problems including diabetes, heart disease, strokes and even premature births. The Glenholme Dental team will provide all the dental services you need to spot these potential health problems and hopefully ensure some preventative dentistry to keep your oral health in top condition.

The consultation process

The procedures for dental implants In Basingstoke have become more advanced, using the most up to date technologies, to give your everything you desire from your smile, whilst enhancing your oral health.

The process starts with a consultation. You can make an appointment with your dental team at Glenholme Dental to discuss your options and start the ball rolling on your new dental implants in Basingstoke and a new happier life. At this meeting your dentist will discuss what you would like to achieve from your dental implants and work on a course of treatment perfect for you.

Your dentist will then examine your teeth and jaw to evaluate your bone quality and density. This will include a series of X-rays or CT scans, to determine the best positioning of your implants. Depending on the outcome of this consultation, you will be told how long your treatment will take from start to finish.

There’ll be no looking back with dental implants

In Basingstoke, dental implants are enhancing the lives of people who no longer wish to go through the hassle and potential self-consciousness that can come with removable false teeth.

dental-implants-basingstokeMany people now prefer to have dental implants fitted, seeing them as a leap forward in technology that offers better lifestyle benefits than their old removable dentures and bridges. The main reasons for this view of implants as more convenient is because they are permanently inserted into the jawbone.

Here at Glenholme Dental, our dentists in Basingstoke, dental implants replace missing teeth with something that functions just like them. This helps avoid various oral health problems that can arise from having missing teeth.

This is because by replacing the root as well as the tooth, dental implants in Basingstoke fill the gap in the jawbone between the remaining natural teeth. The replacement root stops the roots next to it from tipping over sideways, which prevents other knock-on oral health problems.

Dental implants are tiny posts made from titanium that the dentist screws into the jaw to replace the root of the missing tooth. In Basingstoke, dental implants are inserted during a surgical procedure. Implants require dense and healthy gums to bed into.

Once the dental implants are in place, you need to wait for several weeks while the jaws and gums heal. During this time, which can be as much as several months, the bone grows and meshes around the implants, making them a permanent fixture. The implant also stimulates blood vessels to grow and thereby supply the gum with oxygen and nutrients, thus preventing it from receding. All this work quietly going on thanks to the implant means that in the long-term, the patient avoids developing the sunken look that missing teeth bring.

Once the healing period is completed and the dental implants have become part of the jaw, the dentist can fit an artificial tooth, teeth or even a permanent bridge onto the dental implants.

These artificial teeth will have been custom-made and colour-matched to the patient’s own natural teeth.

Once they are in place, most people can expect their implants will last a lifetime. The success rate for implants these day is around 98%, whereas dentures and removable bridges need replacing about every five years.

Get your dental implants from the man who teaches dentists how to fit them

When it comes to a big investment in your health, you want to know that you are getting excellence in return for your money. And, if you live in or near Basingstoke, dental implants can be fitted for you by the man who teaches other dentists how to fit them.

dental-implants-in-basingstokeMeet James Kleiber, the medical director of Glenholme Dental Centre in Basingstoke. As well as being an award-winning dentist, James is a teacher at Implant Courses UK and The Esthetic Alliance, teaching other dentists how to place and restore implants. A member of the Association of Implantology, James has also taught at Guy’s Hospital in London and is a key opinion leader for Nobel Bio care, on the world’s foremost implant system producers.

When you come to James for dental implants in Basingstoke, he will make a detailed examination of your mouth and jawbone, which may include a CT scan or x-rays to make sure that your jawbone is strong and healthy enough to receive dental implants. If there are problems, it may be that you will need to have a bone graft or a sinus lift before you can have dental implants in Basingstoke. James will also make sure there are no other oral health issues that need to be addressed before implant surgery can go ahead.

James will provide you with a written treatment plan, including the cost, for you to agree to before treatment starts. Once you are entirely happy with the proposed schedule, you can expect the process to last several weeks.

The first stage is oral surgery, under local anaesthetic, during which James will place the implant (artificial tooth root) into your jaw. You may receive one or more implants depending on your needs. And, if you are a nervous patient, you can opt for sedation as well as local anaesthetic.

During the following few weeks the jaws and gums will heal around the implant, and new bone tissue will grow it and mesh with it, holding it as firmly in place as if it was a natural tooth. Once this has happened, you can come back to James to have your custom-made artificial tooth crowns fitted, either as single teeth, or bridges, or even entire sets of upper and lower jaw teeth.

Considering your options – dental implants

If you have decided that it is the moment to either replace your missing teeth for the first time or choose a different method than you have before then you will want to explore all of your options thoroughly.  Checking out dental implants in Basingstoke at our clinic, Glenholme Dental, is a must to ensure you have considered every possibility.

dental-implants-basingstokeAs with most dental treatments, the sooner you get it done the better. The body adapts quickly to new circumstances. While this is often an amazing quality, sometimes it can adapt to things like missing teeth by creating an environment that is no longer as supportive because resources get diverted elsewhere. This can mean that, when you go to consider replacing teeth with something like dental implants, it is no longer possible or at least requires extra work to rebuild the support structures.

Dental implants are revitalising in many ways. They can give you back great functionality as well as restore confidence in your smile. By visiting us in Basingstoke, dental implants can become a real option for you as we offer you advice, guidelines on preparing for and experiencing the treatment as well as a way to help spread the cost so you can go ahead as soon as you need to.

Whatever your concerns are when it comes to this treatment, we want to talk to you about them at Glenholme Dental. Often it is a case of understanding just how beneficial the treatment can be and that it is a long term, permanent solution. If properly cared for, dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime. For many people, having something so close to normal teeth back can give them a new lease of life and re-open doors that they had previously thought closed for good.

When you consider dental implants in Basingstoke, one of our team will talk you through it step by step. You will understand the timetable of treatments as well as what you can expect to experience at every stage and you will get a full breakdown of costs. At Glenholme Dental, we know that an informed choice is a powerful one and that full knowledge of the journey ahead will help you make it.

Replace missing teeth with state of the art implants

More and more people are turning to dental implants as the ideal solution for replacing one or more missing teeth.

Here at Glenholme Dental in Basingstoke, dental implants come from one company only –Nobel Bio care. We use Nobel Bio care because they are the longest-established implant company and are still leaders in the implant field. All their implants come with a lifetime guarantee and a warranty card, so that you can receive care for your implants from a Nobel Bio care dentist anywhere in the world.

dental-implants-in-BasingstokeIf you don’t know much about dental implants in Basingstoke, here’s a quick explanation of what they are and what they do. Dental implants replace the entire tooth, including the root. The implant itself is a titanium screw that is implanted into the jawbone during a surgical procedure. Once in place, the titanium stimulates the bone tissue to regenerate and mesh with it, thus holding it in place as it would a natural tooth. This takes several weeks to months. Once the jaw has healed around the implant, an abutment (internal screw) is fitted into the implant and onto that a custom-made artificial crown, or bridge is permanently fixed.

As you can see, it takes some time to go through the several stages of receiving dental implants in Basingstoke, and the healing stage, after the implant has been inserted, can be quite uncomfortable.

However, the benefits are several-fold. Firstly, because implants are permanent fixtures, people who have them no longer have to deal with the hassle of cleaning removable dentures, or the embarrassment of someone seeing them in a glass by the bed for the first time (such a romance killer!). Health-wise, in Basingstoke, dental implants can make a big difference. The way the titanium screw stimulates bone growth means the patient will retain a strong jaw with dense bone tissue, which is more likely to retain other natural teeth. From the outside, a strong jaw looks younger, as it fills out the face around the mouth, and prevents that sunken, aged, look that comes as the jaw decreases in thickness after tooth loss.

If you would like to find out if dental implants in Basingstoke can help solve your issues, please book a consultation by calling 01256 465130.