What are dental implants?

Dental implants are used to replace the gaps that are left by missing teeth, not only above the gumline but below it as well. Dentures and bridges are no longer the only solutions to the issues created by losing your teeth. Nowadays patients are finding implants to be an improved alternative and a good investment, despite the initial higher outlay.

At Glenholme Dental in Basingstoke, dental implants are a means of treating patients with missing teeth. Before deciding whether dental implants are the best solution for you, it is important to consider and fully understand the process you will need to go through to replace your teeth.

Dental Implants in BasingstokeThe dental implant process

Some people are anxious about procedures that involve drilling, and receiving implants requires use of the drill in order to create channels to put the implants in. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, minimising pain. If you are anxious about undergoing implant surgery, we can also offer sedation, either oral or intravenous, which will fully relax you for the procedure, although you will be able to respond to the dentist talking to you.

Dental implants in Basingstoke  come in three sections: the crown, the metal post, and the bridge. Each part is equally vital and is inserted at different stages of the treatment period. The metal post is what is surgically placed into your gum where there are missing teeth. After the surgery, there will be a recovery period which will allow your mouth to adapt itself to the post. The crown serves as the artificial teeth and can either be fixed onto the post after surgery, or more commonly, after the recovery period. In the case where you are missing multiple teeth, we affix several teeth onto one implant.

Why are dental implants popular

Dental implants are known to be more secure than dentures and bridges, and can offer you a more functional set of artificial teeth. The process can take several months and the prices may seem higher, but getting dental implants in Basingstoke will mean you are repaid in quality and durability, compared to dentures or dental bridges.