Lets talk about dental implants in Basingstoke

When I say dental implants in Basingstoke, I don’t actually mean that Basingstoke is having dental implants, I mean that people just like you are having dental implants in Basingstoke.  Of course, one of the best things about a dental implant is that no one should be able to tell that it is not your own tooth, or teeth including you. There are so many reasons why we end up losing our teeth, gum disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss, followed by decay. Whatever the reason, the result is the same for us all.

Dental Implants in BasingstokeWhen you lose a tooth, you also begin to lose the bone that supported it. This is due to a natural process called resorption. Denture wearers find that over a period of time the bones of their jaws gradually shrink, giving them sagging lips and sunken cheeks. As the jawbone shrinks, this can affect any remaining teeth causing them to move out of their correct position, which can result in greater difficulty eating or talking and eventually, further tooth loss.

Dental implants, a great supporting act

Unlike bridges and dentures which only restore the appearance and some of the function of your teeth, dental implants restore both the appearance and the full function of a tooth. Because they provide a solid foundation for all forms of tooth replacement from single crowns to a full arch of dentures, dentists regard dental implants as the gold-standard for tooth replacement. Other benefits of dental implants include the support of teeth on either side of the implant in the case of a single tooth, and the continued stability of the jawbone.

Although dental implants are the newest form of tooth replacement, they have been in use since the 1960s and have proved themselves to be a reliable and effective solution to tooth loss for people of all ages. Continued research has lead to the development of a number of different types of dental implants, and there are also no contra-indications that prevent anyone from benefiting from having dental implants placed. At Glenholme Dental, we are helping more and more of our patients to enjoy the feeling of having teeth that allow them to eat their favourite foods and talk with confidence.