Get the smile you deserve at Glenholme Dental with our Teeth-In-A-Day procedure. With Teeth-in-a-Day dental implants in Basingstoke, we give patients the luxury of leaving with fixed teeth on the very same day of implant placement.

We are supported by the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available. If you’re missing one or more teeth, even if you wear dentures, you can live more fully with teeth that look, feel and function like your own, and last a lifetime, in as little as a few hours.

Dental Implants in BasingstokeTraditional dentures have existed for hundreds of years – President George Washington probably had the most famous pair of dentures, which were made from cow and walrus teeth. While denture technology has certainly developed since those early days, the fact remains that many denture wearers frequently complain of discomfort, pain, slippage, inability to eat desired foods and an overall drop in self-confidence.

Am I a candidate?

Even if other dentists have told you that you are not a candidate for implants, please come and see us here at Glenholme Dental. There are now advanced techniques available to us that can replace lost bone and could allow you to be a candidate for dental implants in Basingstoke.


Immediate, same-day teeth are a revolutionary concept that we can offer many of our patients. We provide you with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure. Using advanced technology and a skillful touch, we can give you a reason to smile with more confidence in one visit.

The creation of your prosthesis for your dental implants in Basingstoke is completed prior to the surgery. The computer-guided implant surgery is often done without any resulting tissue loss in the process. This benefits our patients because it creates less post-operative discomfort, less swelling and less bruising. Often, our patients can resume their normal activities the very next day.

 The procedure

The process will start with a CT scan of your jawbone. This CT scan allows for the generation of a 3D model of the jawbone, which can then be used along with a virtual reality software to plan the implant placement without you needing to be there. This means more accurate implant placement and less chair time for you.